What do we do?

About us

Akshya Multimedia Publication Pvt. Ltd. is a Boutique organization specializing in children-related products.

Aytas Robotic Education & Voice of Sila Children and kids Magazine was born under the umbrella of Akshya Multimedia Publication Pvt Ltd.

Under the tutelage of Akshya Multimedia Publication Voice of Sila consists of some of the most pioneering concepts of initiating informative reading material to children outside their textbook knowledge.

We also help kids by giving them exposure to recent trends and thereby developing their core interest in the robotic education

We ignite the young mind and introduce them to the whole new world of Robotics

Our team at Akshya Multimedia Publication takes an approach that is based on research, development, creativity & an innovative mind Who believes that children are the cornerstone for a delightful future.


Our aim is to provide every child with the scope to step up in their boulevard for success & believe that they can aspire to be one of the greatest minds on the planet.

Our mission is to revolutionize learning for a significant social change


Akshya multimedia publication aims at the holistic development of young individuals who are passionate and aim to be leaders of tomorrow.

The ultimate goal is to have the most enthusiastic student-centered education in the world, preparing students for the future.

A platform that focuses on culture, connectedness, and learner interaction